Is Uranus a Benefic or Malefic?

If astrologers are divided about Neptune, then they’re REALLY divided about Uranus. Uranus is about sudden change. Uranus is unfettered progress. It seeks to overthrow the existing order at all costs. And that, as we know, can be a pretty … Read …

Episode 93 | Mars Enters Libra: Swing Your Partner!

This week: An itchy Sagittarius First Quarter Moon; the Sun heeds the siren call of dreamy Neptune and gets a boost from powerful Pluto; a Venus-Saturn square demands authenticity over appearances; and Mars enters Libra, so here’s to fighting fair!

Weekly Astrology Forecast September 13 – 19, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on September 14 has the potential to confound and confuse. As this aspect was widely present at the Virgo New Moon, this feeling may have been building for a while – an odd sense of incompleteness or vague, indefinable worry. Maybe we just feel a bit […]

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