Transiting Saturn and Your House in Capricorn

Saturn is always focused on the house it rules in your natal chart. That is the one house Saturn is always trying to structure. As Saturn goes around the wheel of your chart it slowly builds a foundation that allows you to realize your natal house in C…

The Futurism of the Mercurial H.G. Wells

by Jude Cowell
January 13, 2022

Image: H.G. Wells’ Signature, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons
Is it curious that futurist author and political scientist H.G. Wells was born with Osiris Rx conjunct his natal Mercury, planet of thinking and communication, in Virgo, sign of the critic and book writer? In Astrology, Osiris, an ancient Egyptian god, is associated with concepts of death, rebirth,

Jupiter in Pisces, end of the world, naaaah

People keep telling me it’s the end of the world. I tend to think otherwise but know I could be wrong. Should you worry? Or should you listen to this little girl I met once, who was actually even odder … Read More…

Teaching Astrology

I’m asked to teach astrology on a regular basis. I’m interested in doing this but I’ve not been able to figure out how it could be done. Satori and I have had a number of workshops over the years, including … Read More…