DC Horoscopes: 118th Congress January 2023

Now that it’s known that the House has been commandeered by Republicans through whatever means they could finagle (exs: gerrymandering districts in red states, voter suppression tactics) and that Democrats have kept control of the Senate, here again is a dual image of both the 9:00 am and 12:00 pm est horoscopes set for the traditional opening day of the US Congress, January 3, 2023; exact hour

Lessons From A World War II Scandal That Put The Justice Department To The Test – clip

Last evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spotlighted the compelling connection between the DOJ’s 1940s prosecution of the era’s Nazis in America and the difficulties now faced by AG Merrick Garland’s DOJ and his appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation along similar lines today, lines that one again include US congress members.
In the following segement, Rachel interviews one of the

Transiting Saturn Changing Houses

It takes Saturn 28.5 years to transit through all the signs and houses in your natal chart. Recently I’ve had a string of clients with transiting Saturn leaving one house and entering another.  This is a significant event. I realized … Read…