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A Chuckle for America’s First Ladies!

If you’ve so far managed to miss Drunk History’s America’s First Ladies where among others, our nation’s first female president Edith Wilson takes a bow, please remedy the oversight as soon as possible. For as many people know, the more We the People ridicule and parody US politicians and the
misruling class, the better for our collective sanity.
My motto? Never allow a corrupt politician to

Dec 7, 2022 Full Moon Spotlights Infamy

In a Gullible World Morality in War is M.I.A.
by Jude Cowell
Embedded within our country’s collective memory is the "date that will live in infamy," as cited by FDR, and known as the Attack on Pearl Harbor carried out just before 8:00 am local time on December 7, 1941 (Honolulu, Hawaii).
Synchronistically, a cosmic time link is in process because December 7, 2022 brings a Full Moon @16Gem02

DC Horoscopes: 118th Congress January 2023

Now that it’s known that the House has been commandeered by Republicans through whatever means they could finagle (exs: gerrymandering districts in red states, voter suppression tactics) and that Democrats have kept control of the Senate, here again is a dual image of both the 9:00 am and 12:00 pm est horoscopes set for the traditional opening day of the US Congress, January 3, 2023; exact hour

Lessons From A World War II Scandal That Put The Justice Department To The Test – clip

Last evening, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spotlighted the compelling connection between the DOJ’s 1940s prosecution of the era’s Nazis in America and the difficulties now faced by AG Merrick Garland’s DOJ and his appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation along similar lines today, lines that one again include US congress members.
In the following segement, Rachel interviews one of the

Nov-Dec 2022 New and Full Moons in DC

by Jude Cowell
Besides the ongoing generational transits of our US Pluto Return, all through 2022, and transit Neptune in shady Pisces opposing US 1776 Neptune in factual Virgo, below you see the DC Horoscopes of the November 23, 2022 New Moon @1Sag38 (lower left) timing a new cycle of activity and the seeding of plans, along with the December 7, 2022 Full Moon @16Gem07 of response, culmination,

Radical Uranus in Taurus: More Trouble in 2024

When 1940 Uranus Returns to 26Taurus in 2024-2025
by Jude Cowell
These days, most people would agree that Donald Tr*mp is nothing if not a furiously enraged, malevolent schemer (aka, our orange albatross, as I term him). And perhaps a dear reader or two may remember Trump’s ‘Furious Storm’ Eclipse of January 5, 2019 in the 2 South Saros Series when a variety of folks were inspired to join unusual

Deja-Vu: Trump’s Prez Bid for 2024

Transit Mars in Gemini Spurs Another Prez Bid (ad nauseum) for Tr*mp
by Jude Cowell
Perhaps you’ve read The Daily Beast’s article, The Devious Reason Donald Trump Announced His 2024 Run Now. As Astrology makes plain, timing is everything and Herr T is attempting to be strategic as he often does, spurred by a constant quest for wealth, and with a desperate desire not to die in prison.
So my

President Biden: Solar Return 2022 Horoscope

November 16, 2022
by Jude Cowell
Earlier this week we looked at the current Jupiter Return Horoscope of President Biden with his Jupiter Rx exalted in Cancer, a chart that’s ‘good for’ approximately 12 years.
Now, with the President’s 80th birthday arriving in a few days, here’s a view of Joe Biden’s Solar Return 2022 Horoscope set for the White House, and with a few study notes penned on; this

Printable: Joe Biden’s Jupiter Return

His Jupiter in Cancer Exalted and Mothering the World
by Jude Cowell
With nary a study note penned upon it, below is President Joe Biden’s current Jupiter Return Horoscope set for June 24, 2014 and operative until his next Jupiter Return (actually a three-fer return in 2025 and 2026) in Jupiter’s 11.6-year cycle of reward and expansion.
This is a printable copy which includes the Return’s aspect

Midterms 2022 Planets to US Congress Horoscope

US Congress’ Transits: November 2022 into Early 2023
by Jude Cowell
Below is a simple display showing a bi-wheel of the US Congress Horoscope of 1789 (inner) and the Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse Chart (outer). As you see, there are two significant planetary contacts on Election Day 2022: from 2022 Saturn in Aquarius and 2022 Neptune in Pisces.
Also of note is transit Mars Rx perigee in Gemini