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11 South Eclipse: When Systems Fail

Future Eclipses Echo Past Conditions and Events
by Jude Cowell
When an 11 South Solar Eclipse occurs once again on August 2, 2027 @10 Leo, it will conjunct the natal 12th house Pluto of Donald Trump (he’ll be 81 yo!), and we may expect that whatever deteriorating societal conditions are in play by then, 11 South Themes will apply: "a need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new

Happy 87th Anniversary Social Security!

August 14, 2022
Because the 87th anniversary of the signing of the Social Security Act by President Franklin D. Roosevelt has arrived, here is a bi-wheel of horoscopes showing the signing of the Social Security Act ("noon"; inner) with the popular, life-saving social safety net program’s Solar Return 2022 planets (outer) which actually became exact yesterday afternoon:

Yes, I know, way too many

The Very 1st Great American Eclipse

Historical and Eclipse Cycles Rhyme and Forewarn
by Jude Cowell
Previously we discussed the 3 Great American Eclipses and below is a DC Horoscope of the very first Great American Eclipse of July 29, 1878. Falling within the 6 South Saros Series, a consideration may be timely because a Solar Eclipse repeats in the 6 South Series on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio which adds a

FBI search brings Far-Right calls for War

August 8, 2022 Planets to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope
by Jude Cowell
Born in Georgia and a descendant of CSA soldiers, the following view of the planets of the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago headquarters on the morning of August 8, 2022 in relation to the 1861 Civil War Horoscope is intended for your consideration. No, I am not a seditionist and have always said that my only nag in the race is

Saturn-Neptune and Trump’s deep state shadow government

Trump Forms Deep State Shadow Government for 2024
Why? So that Trumpians will be ready to rage and misrule when their orange idol grabs the reins again!
by Jude Cowell
Through the years, when it comes to the form and structure of the US government, many Americans and various politicians have heard or used such terms as secret, invisible, or shadow government, along with the Republican propaganda

Trump Venus and Moon Returns Bring FBI to Mar-a-Lago

August 9, 2022
As the world has heard by now, yesterday morning (August 8, 2022), the FBI entered and searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. His nibs was not at home at the time (during what he calls a "raid") but his bulk was conveniently away somewhere in the New York City area, or was possibly at his Bedminster, NJ property. And Mary Trump says her uncle is "panicked" by the raid in her

Are Co-Ops Really an Alternative To Capitalism? – Richard Wolff (plus, Astrology)

August 5, 2022
Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces: Impressionability; Pathological Inclinations; Financial Schemes and Fraud
With Midterms 2022 quickly approaching, it’s typical that the US economy and household budgets are on most Americans’ minds, thanks in large part to inflationary price-gouging by corporations (many of which funded death-cult leader and seditionist) Trump’s January 6th coup

The Pentagon, an Eclipse, and Capricorn

Karmic Saturn: Planet of Authority and Accountability
by Jude Cowell

While combing through SO’W this morning looking for a different topic than what I found, a post displaying the Pentagon’s 1942 horoscope surrounded by the 12 North Solar Eclipse Horoscope of January 15, 2010, turned out to be interesting, even useful to today’s news events. Not just because this week’s public discourse

Great American Eclipses: 1878, 2017, 2024

August 2, 2022
Karmic Signposts via ‘Wild Cards of the Universe’
by Jude Cowell
Many moons ago in August 2018, we discussed the three Total Great American Eclipses of 1878, 2017, and 2024 and now I’m finally getting around to writing a brief overview of the three eclipses in relation to America, primarily via the signs of the Zodiac in which the three ‘Cosmic Blink’ Eclipses (aka, ‘Wild Cards

Mars-Pluto and The PACT Act of 2022

Mars-Pluto: "People Disabled in War" (R. Ebertin)

July 31, 2022
by Jude Cowell
Can there be a more appropriate expression of the destructive Mars-Pluto duo than burn (Mars) pits (Pluto)?
Below is a DC Horoscope of the PACT Act vote taken in Congress on June 16, 2022 at 11:34 am edt intended to address the funding of war veterans’ healthcare due to the effects of breathing fumes from burn pits.