When Chiron Returns to Discovery Degree @3Tau08

Hubble image of Chiron 2015; {public domain}: Chiron in tropical Pisces
‘Rainbow Bridge’ Chiron says, Be Here Now!
by Jude Cowell
September 16, 2021:
As you know, astronomer Charles T. Kowal (November 8, 1940–November 28, 2011) discovered Chiron @3Tau08 Rx on November 1, 1977 (10:00 am PST Mount Palomar Observatory) although the celestial body was later found on photographic plates as far back

More About The Mars Return

Your Mars return occurs approximately once every two years. Mars represents raw, male, energy. It wants, it drives, it fights, it strives, it pushes, it asserts…itself to the front of the line. Mars also represents courage and heroism. It acts. ……

Can You Pick a Philosophy?

The other day I was talking to a friend about something that’s changed in my spiritual practice. It was a minor thing, but the conversation got off the rails pretty quickly. Something like: “Yeah, I’ve found that, for now, my … Read More…

Mars Transiting Libra 2021

Mars enters Libra at 01:13, September 15, 2021. Mars is considered to be ‘in detriment’ in this sign as Libra opposes Aries, the sign that Mars rules. The word detriment can bring up certain associations, like thinking that whatever Mars does here has a ‘detrimental’ effect but that is not the case. Just as with […]

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