Aries Season Podcast: Jump!

The beginning of the astrological year is super-powered in 2023. Sally and I had so much to tell you in this month’s podcast — Pluto changing signs, phenomenal New Moons, Mars finally leaving Cancer. We’re going to jumpstart, jump for joy and, maybe, jump rope, and someone’s going to jump the queue. You can find […]

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When Will Things Get Better? March 2023

“It has turned out to be the week from hell.  I am sure everyone would love to know…when will things get better?” That’s from an email I got from a reader. I’ll try to pull this together. The Gemini Mars … Read More…

Pluto Transit To Taurus Sun

Do you have any advice on Pluto square Sun transit? It will be squaring my 2 degree Taurus sun and I’m very scared. There is no way this will be an easy transit but you can align with it today, … Read More…