The Pet That Changes Your Life

When we think about synastry and compatibility, we often think about romantic or familial relationships. What we rarely think of, though, is compatibility with our pets! This blows my mind, because our pets are some of the closest, most intimate &#8230…

Oceanic Power

The planets’ dance through the Zodiac winds to an end in the sign of salt tears and imagination, ecstasy and dissipation, the sign of universal love, lost souls and the ocean depths, Pisces. Right now, two major planets, Jupiter and Neptune, are tracing the last graceful steps of their own cosmic gavottes. And both are […]

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The restructuring of the Saturn/Uranus square: Phase II

art by NatsPearlCreation on DeviantArt This major cycle between the outermost personal planet and the innermost outer planet is the major story of the year.  A strong Uranus alignment can be destabilizing since the very nature of Uranus is to break up stuck energy that hold us back from fully opening into the […]

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Highlights for June 14-20, 2021: Struggles of Heaven and Earth

As Saturn squares Uranus, expect conflict – perhaps with a partner, a friend, a boss, a neighbor. Don’t shy from it; it’s been coming for awhile, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. It’ll just ensure that the pressure keeps building, until someone does or says something that they can’t take back.

What would it feel like to…?

Are you struggling with something you can’t seem to shift or change? Often, when we find ourselves engaged in a sort of futile internal gridlock, we are actually making conscious or unconscious statements about our experience which reinforces staying stuck. This will never change… I can’t figure this out… I don’t know how to change […]

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Weekly Forecast: June 14-18, 2021 – Getting Free

Remember the Saturn-Uranus square, Aquarius to Taurus? Yeah, that’s still happening, and it’s happening big time on Monday. It snuck up on me personally, because I was so busy dealing with it. So there’s a thing, then there’s th…