Author: April

Episode 93 | Mars Enters Libra: Swing Your Partner!

This week: An itchy Sagittarius First Quarter Moon; the Sun heeds the siren call of dreamy Neptune and gets a boost from powerful Pluto; a Venus-Saturn square demands authenticity over appearances; and Mars enters Libra, so here’s to fighting fair!

Virgo New Moon: Solitude and the Contented Heart

Where Virgo falls in your birthchart, you are complete. Here, you’re absorbed in the happy work of problem solving, figuring stuff out, and making things work. In this part of your life, you don’t need a report card from anyone else. You’re grading yourself on an entirely different (and probably much more punishing) scale….

Full Moon in Aquarius: Conga Line

Modern astrology offers contradictory messages about Aquarius: It symbolizes weirdness, iconoclasm, and innovation, but also friendship and membership in groups. So which is it?

Highlights for Aug. 16-22, 2021: Tending the Fire

Try to live an orderly life in disorderly surroundings. See how well you’ll eat if no one tends the crops. Try to survive the coming winter without Vesta’s sacred flames. Try to live in a world without Virgo, and you’ll see that neglecting the small things turns out to be a very big thing indeed.