Jupiter In Aries: Fortune Favors The Brave

“The thing that cowardice fears most is decision.” – Soren Kierkegaard Jupiter is in Aries now and themes around “courage” have already emerged. People look to Jupiter for good luck and fortune. Some enjoy more of these th…

Bi-Wheel: Coup Attempt 2021 w/ J6 Public Hearing June 2022

June 9th Accountability Knocks: Will the Guilty Answer?
by Jude Cowell
On April 29, 2022, J6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told the American people to expect "at least 8 hearings" investigating Trump’s Attempted Coup of January 6, 2021. Finding no exact hour the opening hearing of June 9, 2022 may begin, the following bi-wheel shows the Public Hearing (outer) set for the speculative hour of

Mercury & Mistakes Of The Intellect

The phrase, “mistake of the intellect” was coined by astrologer, James Braha.  He noted that one of the things astrologers did was correct these things. This was many years ago. I like the phrase and the concept. I’ve written about it…

Medieval Days and GOP Abortion Beliefs

Is a Medieval SCOTUS Set to Overturn Roe v Wade?
by Jude Cowell
Recently we discussed the Alito Draft Leak and a 1991 Eclipse and today I’m here to publish the Solar Eclipse @27Tau55 of May 15, 0850 because it’s the initial eclipse (numero one) in the 6 North Saros Series which has brought along the Alito Draft leak with its clear indications of an overturn of a 1973 law that most Americans

Astrological news this week: Mercury, Jupiter and a Scorpio SuperMoon eclipse

Astrological update for the week of May 9-16, 2022 There’s a lot going on this week!   Mercury turns retrograde on May 10th, the same day that Jupiter enters Aries.  Mercury is in Gemini now, a sign in which it is very much at home, but it will retrograde back into Taurus on May 22nd. Mercury […]

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