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February Horoscopes

Get your canvases primed, your paintbrushes cleaned, your models suitably disposed, your paints squeezed on to the palette. Let’s get to work and make something beautiful this year, starting now. Oh, and let’s finish off a few things too. February horoscopes are here, ready for members. If you are already a member click here. If […]

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Green Comet, Green World

If you’re lucky and the skies are dark and clear near you, you may be able to see the spectacular green comet hurtling through space right now. Here are directions how. My friend and colleague Isabel Tifft explains what it might mean for astrologically — taking the very long view. Her article is fascinating. This […]

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Aquarius Season Podcast

This episode we discuss the coming astrological month — Aquarius season — which runs from 20 January to 18 February. Of course, we also took a look back at the previous season with its double retrogrades and royal shenanigans. Both of us are looking forward to the cool, clear light of Aquarius and the real […]

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I’ve been avoiding the whole Harry/Meghan/etc saga, but yesterday it was so in my face that I thought I’d sneak a peek at the prince’s chart. My question was essentially: why now for Harry? I looked at just three charts: Prince Harry’s natal chart, which has an A rating on the Rodden scale (although my […]

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Lilith in Leo: Marilyn, Rihanna & Absolute Charisma

Lilith, the Black Moon, a mysterious moving mathematical point, has a primal potency that spreads its roots and feelers beneath the surface of things, erupting upwards sometimes in a rustle of dark leaves or a flare of gunfire. We each hold this potential — more or less — in ourselves. It shows somewhere in your […]

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Year Ahead Videos

The gap between Christmas and New Year is here — and so are the Year Ahead videos! These are for subscribers only — a quick gallop through some highlights of 2023.
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