Astrology, Pregnancies and Babies

A young friend of mine and his girlfriend have just discovered the rhythm method and how it can be used to avoid getting pregnant. He’s understandably thrilled. While I was talking to him today I realized that over the years I’ve picked up a few things in astrology that can help people get pregnant or […]

Eclipse fallout: Impermanence as a good thing

I woke this morning thinking about how exhausting that lunar eclipse on Saturday was, and about how I’m just beginning to find my balance.  And my mind kept returning to this old essay about the impermanence of things – right down to the e…

Virgo Venus feels guilty. Again!

Oh, I’m in love again And look at me I’m undone again! That’s why I’m late with my work again Because, you see, I’m in love again! My mind is mush I’m just a mass of sighs again! I’ll have to do myself up again Collect all my unraveled threads And tie ‘em up again! […]

Mercury Goes Wooing

                Mercury-Moon Feelings nothing more than feelings Mercury-Saturn Words, don’t come easy to me How can I find a way to make you see I love you Words don’t come easy Mercury-Venus Talk in ever lasting words and dedicate them all to me And I will give you […]

Girolamo Cardano’s Chart?

“Do me a favor, get that Ian Stewart book* from my bag. Thanks.” Opens the book and indicates a page. “Now read it aloud from here.” She reads it aloud, “Like many mathematicians of the period, Girolamo** practiced astrology, and he notes the astrological circumstances surrounding his birth: ‘Although various abortive medicines – as I […]

The Upside of Eclipses

Eclipses are coming! Eclipses are coming! Time to hide under the bed, batten down the hatches, buy duct tape to seal off the doors and windows? In a word, no. But we astrologers can sound a little like tabloid journalists as we breathlessly – urg…

A Sabian for Astrologers

There is pain that is peculiar to astrologers: the jeers and skepticism of the world. There is also joy that’s reserved especially for them: if you study faithfully, the charts start singing for you. Again and again the degrees resonate and repeat till there is no doubt in your mind that somehow, mysteriously, this thing […]

Relationships and the Progressed Chart

I’m currently studying secondary progressions and still haven’t started the classes on relationships and the progressed chart. So bear that in mind when you read what I’ve written below. Last evening, a friend and I were discussing markers for marriage in the progressed chart. So I looked at my progressed chart for the day I […]