Glenn Beck’s Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?by Jude CowellApril 8, 2011: Prison Planet reports on soon-departing propagandist Glenn Beck wearing emblems of secret societies: Freemasonry, and Skull and Bones.Mr. Beck has gone on air sporting a Masonic patch with ‘1681’ on it, an apparent reference to William Penn’s founding of Philadelphia, as noted in the article. Freemasonry has always

Mars Pluto: Do Or Die

[after spotting Harold hanging from a noose in the living room] “I suppose you think that’s very funny, Harold… Oh, dinner at eight, Harold. And do try and be a little more vivacious.”
–Harold’s Mother, “Harold and Maude”

Pluto in Capricorn

I don’t know if this is appropriate astrologically. But I knew a Capricorn, right out of the books. Rags to riches. Built an empire and died much too young. Saw an old picture of his today with his son. His son who saw too little of him when he was alive. His son who was […]

Will 2012 Destroy Us All? by NWO 2012

Today Stars Over Washington is pleased to present Guest Blogger NWO 2012 with thoughts and insights on the much-touted year 2012 and the power elite’s long-planned New World Order as transforming Pluto continues his journey through Capricorn, toppling Saturnian governments, structures, and systems as he goes.Will 2012 Destroy Us All?by NWO 2012There are many theories about 2012. Most of them are