Full Moon in Libra Horoscope Apr 17, 2011

Washington DC by the Light of a Libra Full Moon April 17, 2011by Jude CowellThe Air (mental) sign of Libra is all about relationships, balance, justice, and beauty. The opposite degree of the Full Moon’s degree is the Illumination Point where unconscious info lurks if we care to take a peek, and it is naturally the degree of the Sun (27Ari44 in 5th house; see their Sabian Symbols below.) On the

Capricorn And Rejection

Capricorn is sensitive to rejection.  If someone lets me know they don’t enjoy my company, I exit their life totally and permanently.  It’s easy to get rid of me . Just let me know you don’t want me there and … Read More…

Sun in Taurus

While I am off holidaying, here are the links to last years Taurus posts:
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Daily Planets Monday 18/4/11 Awesomeness

Every Xmas my travelling partner Ms Sparkles sends out a year in review thingie- just something to encourage you to look back on the year that was & remember the bits that need to be remembered… for whatever reason. One of the categories is Top 3…

Podcast: Venus Conjunct Uranus, Mars Opposite Saturn, Sun in Taurus

In Sasstrology’s podcast for the week of April 18, Michelle Piller and I discuss the following events: Full Moon in Libra Mars opposite Saturn Venus conjunct Uranus Sun enters Taurus You can listen to this 31-minute conversation below. To save to your hard drive, right-click on the “download” link and save. Subscribe to this podcast […]