Are Saturn Transits Easier If You’re A Capricorn?

Hi Elsa, I am Capricorn sun (Pisces rising), so ruled by Saturn. I was wondering how Saturn ruled people handle their Saturn returns … is it easier for them, as they are already going through life under a Saturn influence? … Read More…

Dragging Someone Down With You

What about the phenomena or the potential of dragging someone down with you or being dragged down yourself? It’s a broad topic, I guess. But the scenario that has me thinking of this involves an alcoholic and otherwise addicted woman … Read…

Weekend Love Forecast – Gregarious, Gracious Groove

Friday night, the Moon the tours the final degrees of Venus-ruled Taurus with the Sun newly in Scorpio at zero degrees. Neither makes any exact, conventional aspects, but the Moon approaches the north node, ahead at one degree Gemini. Mars … Read…

When US Neptune Turned Rx by Progression

by Jude Cowell
On January 20, 1953, East Portico, Capitol Building, Washington DC Dwight David Eisenhower was first inaugurated as President of the United States (page links to audio of his 1953 inaugural address). His was America’s 42nd Presidential Inauguration.
A review of significant events during the year 1953 provides the curious with a snapshot of the era but one symbolic astrological