Mercury in Capricorn – Drawing lines in the sand

Since leaving my day job a couple of months ago I’ve struggled with daily structures and routines. Rather than being more productive with my writing, I’ve been less, and rather than using my time more efficiently, I’ve regularly found myself faffing ab…

Chronic Problems With Neighbors

Hi Elsa! Mars & Neighbors. I have Mars in Cancer, 2nd house, one degree before the third house. It’s in opposition to my Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Trine Pluto and N. Node. Everywhere I move to there are problems with … Read More…

Weekend Love Forecast – Holiday Blues Or Boost?

How do you feel about this time of year? Many people have a strong, seasonal reaction to the period of time from now through New Year’s. The Sun transits the bulk of Sagittarius then into the first part of Capricorn… … Read More…

Dec 1, 2023 George Santos expelled from Congress!

Under a YOD pattern’s influences of crisis, turning point, karmic opportunity, and/or a special task (with possible health implications), indicted grifter George Santos was expelled from the 118th Congress this very morning by 311 to 14.
Now as you see below, the base of the YOD pattern is formed by a Mercury-Saturn sextile with this morning’s Moon at apex along with the natal Sun of Mr Santos.

Akashic Records

I posted my whining about Past Lives.  This resulted in reader hooking me up with a gal who reads Akashic records? I’d heard them; that’s about it. I was definitely curious and had confidence in the reader because of the … Read More…

Your Weekly Horoscope 4th- 10th December

Welcome to “Your Weekly Horoscope: 4th-10th December,” a guide to help you navigate through the upcoming week with the stars as your compass. Whether you’re an Aries charging headfirst into new challenges or a Pisces swimming in the depths of intuition, the movements of the celestial bodies have something in store for everyone. Aries (March […]

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