Kevin Drum says Fox ‘News’ Broke America

September 19, 2021: Perhaps you caught it already but in case you didn’t you might want to check out progressive broadcaster and muckraker Brad Friedman’s September 17th podcast which includes his guest journalist Kevin Drum on How Fox ‘News’ Broke America.
On Twitter he’s kdrum, plus you can find Mr. Friedman there too tweeting as TheBradBlog.
And speaking of the undermining of America,

Acting Like You Don’t Know Someone

Yesterday, I ran into a gal I know but have not seen for awhile. She acted like she did not see me / recognize me / remember me.  It struck as funny, to a point where I had to stifle … Read More…

Virgo Self-Portraits: Perfect Wits

David (30 August 1738) It will come as no surprise to see that the work of artists born under Virgo is consistently detailed, crafted, technically excellent and polished to a wonderful degree. Nor will it surprise you that all these painters could draw beautifully. Ingres (29 August 1780) Jacques Louis David documented the French Revolution […]

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Sept 18th “J6 Rally” in DC: Saturn-Uranus attends

‘Earthlings Trod a Celestial Path’; Jude Cowell Art; pencil drawing on paper
September 17, 2021: If tomorrow’s "J6 Rally" in DC doesn’t fizzle out embarrassingly with low attendance, its DC Horoscope set for September 18, 2021 10:00 am edt Washington DC shows an interesting sign and degree rising: 2Sco39, interesting and perhaps predictive since another solar eclipse in the same Saros Series as

Saturn Square Uranus: Snap Of It!

“Are you prepared to buy her cocaine, booze and other drugs?” I asked a client this morning. He’s a regular, I’ve worked with for years. “No, I’m not buying her cocaine.” “Well then she’s not intere…