The Party’s Over For Johnson

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is in trouble, but the astrology is sweet. Blond-bombshell Johnson was born with an extraordinary cosmic signature — Venus Retrograde in the heart of his Gemini Sun. So if you’d speculated that Venus Retrograde periods might be significant for him, you’d have turned out to be right. When Boris […]

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Notes on America’s Jupiter-Saturn Square

by Jude Cowell
As we see in the US Horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US Jupiter @5Can55 widely squares US Saturn @14Lib48 with both planets happily compatible, even exalted, within their respective signs. Yet when we consider Jupiter’s expansion principle squared by Saturn’s principle of restriction, their square aspect during that era when America was establishing

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February 2022: New Moon @12AQ19

Lunations Spotlight the Leo-Aquarius Self-Will Axis
by Jude Cowell
January 18, 2022
DC Horoscope: New Moon @12AQ19:55 February 1, 2022 12:45:51 am est; Washington DC
Rising is 10Sco44 which brings up asteroid Hygeia (health and cleanliness issues) along with Sigma, the lone wolf – both opposed by radical, disruptive Uranus @10Tau53 (‘The Witness’). At Midheaven (‘MC’) is Cupido Rx signaling