best Aries love matches

What is the best Aries love match? The following Aries compatibility couples are based on the aspect or mode relationship between Aries and the other zodiac signs. The couples are ranked in order of the … READ MORE

Saturn Conjunct Sun Synastry

Saturn conjunct Sun in synastry represents a unique astrological aspect between two individuals in a romantic relationship. This planetary alignment highlights a significant energy exchange between Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline, and the Sun, representing one’s core self and identity. This aspect can bring both challenges and growth opportunities to the relationship. The […]

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Seeking A Durable Marriage For The New Normal

As life unfolds, circa 2023, things that no one could have expected have come to be.  We’ve have various events, leading us to the new normal, the newer normal, the newest normal or whatever normal comes next. Suffice to say, … Read More…

February Horoscopes

Get your canvases primed, your paintbrushes cleaned, your models suitably disposed, your paints squeezed on to the palette. Let’s get to work and make something beautiful this year, starting now. Oh, and let’s finish off a few things too. February horoscopes are here, ready for members. If you are already a member click here. If […]

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