Old Trump Discovers He’s Not a King!

No Thumb on the Scale But Ketchup On the Wall
by Jude Cowell
In the Manhattan courtroom of Judge Juan Marchan this week, Mr. Trump is finding it quite impossible to put his thumb on the Scales of Justice as he has always managed to do. Glowering, frowning, staring pointedly, and napping certainly haven’t worked for his nibs. No jury member was seated yesterday but about 50 of them were excused.

Adapting To The Gig Economy

I credit the Jupiter Uranus conjunction with expanding my confidence as well as my worldview, to the point where I could go on Fiverr and communicate my needs technical people on the other side of the world. I set up three jobs with two sellers. The re…

Losing Friends & Lack Of Trust

I value communication more than most. With a packed 8th house, I’ve always had an inner circle. These are people I can talk to about anything. Literally, anything. The planets have aligned in such a way; my entire inner circle is ill, if not grav…

Horoscopes: Israel and Iran

April 2024: Israel and Iran Tension and Conflict
by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good
Here on SO’W in January 2024, we considered the Iran Islamic Republic Horoscope (April 1, 1979; Campion #179) with January 2024 transits surrounding it. Considering the current tension between Iran and Israel, and the potential for starting a world war that no one in their right minds wants