Weekly Astrology Forecast – October 3 – 9, 2022

Excerpt from Patreon – On October 5, Vesta stations direct in Aquarius. Vesta stands for focus, devotion, sacred duty. As hearth-Goddess too, she both guards and represents the eternal inner fire. Through her ministry, we keep the inner light alive. Her passage through Aquarius favours humanitarian causes, prizes group interactions and formation, honours the spirit […]

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Navigating the YES

Today, in my Intuitive Energy class, I relayed this slice of life about what has been going on for me these past three weeks (Mercury’s RX cycle). Afterwards, my cohort said it was a great story illuminating how Intuition works. So, I thought I’d share the story -with you! The story begins… several years ago. […]

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Mercury transit The Houses

Astrologers will look at Mercury transit the houses for matters concerning your career. Mercury is the fastest planet after the moon and takes 88 days the orbit the sun. The … READ MORE

Freeing Yourself From The Matrix

It’s not a big secret – I come from a background of severe abuse.  I don’t see things the way most people do. I didn’t know this when I was young. How would I?  I grew up in the desert … Read More…

Mercury in astrology

What is the significance of Mercury in astrology? It is mostly known as the god of communication, merchants and medicine. Mercury is youthful and spritely, so its meaning is often … READ MORE