Mercury Lilith Aspects ~ Child STealer

Mercury Lilith aspect themes may point to the native experiencing a stolen childhood. Sometimes the native cannot physically have children or has a career where they never have to assume … READ MORE

Mercury Venus Aspects ~ Soap opera

Mercury Venus aspects should bring gifts in creative writing and poetry. However, I didn’t find that much evidence of literature talent in my research. Instead, I found an abundance of … READ MORE

I Met Peace Pilgrim & Astrology

This is Peace Pilgrim. She started walking in 1953, and she walked until she died in 1981 to promote her cause of World peace. That’s twenty eight years of walking. She walked over 25,000 miles in the US and Canada … Read More…

Astrological news this week: A shift of planetary energies

Astrological update for the week of July 4-11, 2022.   DeviantArt Mars in Taurus. Mars leaves fiery Aries for placid Taurus on July 5th and we will all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Things have been plenty hot with both Mars and Jupiter in Aries, along with Chiron to irritate the tender […]

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