15 September 2010: It’s All Changing

Mars, of course, is raw at 00 Scorpio, but honestly, I didn’t anticipate how much energy would’ve built to this point when I did the forecast (so since I don’t always get it perfect, maybe you shouldn’t buy ECLIPSE!  http://dog…


Yesterday I turned in the first half of my manuscript.  Despite the insane deadline, writing this book is going far more smoothly than the first; I’ve already written a portion equivalent to the entire length of my first book, and in a third the…

Bill Maher on Christine O’Donnell’s win

By now you’ve heard that Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell won big in yesterday’s Republican primary in Delaware with the eventual plum in the pie being VP Joe Biden’s old Senate seat.Click to watch Mr. Maher on CNN with Larry King last evening; text of the comedian’s remarks are included. He says he knows O’Donnell personally and likes her (she’s a nice person) but adds his usual maverick

Deja-vu: the Lehman Brothers collapse 2008 – 2010

September 15, 2010: it’s been two years since the stupid mistake was made to let the venerable Lehman Brothers firm crash into bankruptcy. This morning NPR did a 4 minute interview with Peter Chapman who’s written a book on the subject. The interview is worth a listen, if you missed it.Now here’s a post I wrote in September 2008 which details, among other things, the Lehman Brothers crisis of

Mars and Venus in Scorpio: The Agony and the Ecstasy

In about six hours from now Mars will move into Scorpio. Venus is already there and, apart from a brief incursion into Libra during her retrograde phase, she stays in Scorpio till the first week on January, 2011. God Almighty! I find planetary transits are a good way to get a feel of a particular […]

Waking Up to Reality videos — Max Igan

The following video presentation by Max Igan encapsulates all the primary issues that I’ve tried to post about in my disjointed bloggery fashion on Stars Over Washington since October 2005. There are 7 videos all together with a total running time of just under 1 hour and they are very worth your checking out for I believe Mr. Igan speaks the truth. We certainly know by now that the mainstream

Daily Planets Wednesday 15/9/10

I have often told my hubby (and anyone else I can get away with telling) that I always right, it is just that the degree of my rightness has been known to vary. Yet there is something about a Sagittarius Moon which makes me righter than usual and more …

ECLIPSE Private Page Updated!

The Private Page only for readers of ECLIPSE magazine has been updated with a new post. Password is found at the end of the first article (the one on the creative complex) in the Summer issue of ECLIPSE magazine. Thanks! … Continue reading →

The Astrology of Bill & Sookie

Last night was the season 3 finale of the HBO series True Blood. The stars of the show, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who play vampire Bill Compton and fairy Sookie Stackhouse wed in real life, in late August. Supernatural Attraction Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have a similar configuration in their charts. Stephen has […]