The Fed: "Return to Jekyll Island" w a Scorpio New Moon

In what may be considered by some a ‘return to the scene of the crime’, today and Saturday, members of the Federal Reserve Bank are again meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia, where their shadowy entity, the private and central bank of America, was hatched in response (allegedly) to the bankers’ Panic of 1907.If the script sounds familiar since Financial Collapse 2007/2008, it should.Here’s

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler: Venus Conjunct Moon

You know what’s more bizarre than cats loving dogs, or oil mixing with water, or Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent dating? Actually, that last one pretty much hit it: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are hanging out. And it makes perfect sense, right? Because he’s a former drug dealer who made it big as a […]

Daily Planets Saturday 6/11/10 New Moon in Scorpio

Every month I blather on about balsamic moon phases and how we need to finish things. Then at the New Moon we talk about where the new cycle is starting and at the Full Moon just where the spotlight is shining in your life.
But here’s the thing….

Cosmic Loophole Tonight With the Void of Course Moon

Is there something in your life that you wish wouldn’t work out?  A deal you don’t want to finalize, a job you don’t want to get?  Then schedule it during a Void of Course Moon. As the Moon moves through … Continue reading &#8…

Scorpio New Moon Astrology: Transformation is Hell

Transformation is Hell Humans hate change, and we rarely submit to it willingly. Rather, transformation is usually the consolation prize for having survived some godawful trek across a barren, lifeless landscape. We may refer to these journeys as &#822…

George Orwell still lives! Britain 2010

The totalitarian surveillance noose around the necks of decent people tightens and it isn’t about ‘protecting’ the people from terrorism, it’s about controlling populations and keeping bosses, political and otherwise, in power:(WSWS) – The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition is pushing ahead with plans to allow Britain’s security services and police to spy on the activities of every citizen