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Daily Planets Friday 24/9/10

As I write this the Sun is now in Libra and the Moon in the last degree of Pisces, having completed conjunctions with Uranus and Jupiter. Just after 7pm tonight (Sydney time), the Moon will be officially full at around 15′Aries.
I have to admit t…

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Pluto Sextile Mars

Blah blah cougar blah Demi blah Ashton blah too young blah it’ll never work blah. We’ve heard it all before, but these new rumers (pun intended!) about Ashton dipping his wick in a much younger candle are pretty disconcerting. It seems that, according to Star Magazine, Mr. Kutcher’s lady du jour hails from a local […]

DHS targets activists in PA; Mercury/Uranus busy

Magenta Alert! This HoSec-related article with video arrived in my mailbox from and I thought you might wish to know about some squirreliness going on in the excellent state of Pennsylvania:In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi blows the lid off the Pennsylvania DHS list targeting activists. He also sits down with Arizona State Senate Libertarian Candidate Andrea Garcia

Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Leo Compatibility

Forming a union of air and fire, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Leo are passionate opposites, mirroring each other’s differences in a perfect lockstep. The vibrant chemistry that arises between them can keep them happily occupied for a while, as they bask in the high of the unknown “other.” Venus in Aquarius is the […]