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ARIES New Moon Prayer

instead of confidence I want natural-ness the easy feeling of being myself, in myself comfort in my own body and skin doesn’t arise from pushing into areas that cause me stress I seek a different kind of experience just as water, following her own riverbed, doesn’t need to force, push or struggle she only needs […]

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April’s Odd Astrology

It started out with a weird interaction at an award show; Will Smith gives Chris Rock a punch in the face for an inappropriate comment. And Astrologers everywhere ask: Was it the astrology of Will Smith, or is it the astrology of the moment? Both. The start of April is an odd blend of two […]

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Invite and Allow

(please enjoy this repost – from my archives!) I notice the more I focus on resolving or fixing anything, the worse I feel. It’s the law of what you focus on grows: Whatever obstacle I think I’m experiencing only becomes more solid. It would seem that a problem can only remain a problem as long […]

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Pisces New Moon Card Draw: ARIES-PISCES!

I love the myriad ways this deck can be used. In client sessions, healing circles, ritual and intention setting, for personal integration work, and, of course, one of my favorites: lunar cycles. I pulled the Boundaries card for the New Moon question: What does Spirit want @moonkissd readers to know about this Pisces New Moon […]

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JUPITER-SUN CAZIMI: What’s my PURPOSE? What am I here to do? And can you see that in my birth chart?   At today’s conjunction of Jupiter and Sun you may be asking the Big Questions, about what you’re here for, and what it’s all about.   Given the week’s odd Mars-Venus-Pluto dynamic of powerlessness/power, and […]

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On Feeling Powerless

there are so many things to feel powerless around plastics war unnegotiable change death what’s on offer at the market an unresponsive relationship when your healing hits you like a 2×4 extreme wealth extreme poverty so, so, much where’s your power, then? where is it among so many realities you cannot affect (or do very […]

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Trust Life Again

Like you, my life as an artist began with paper and crayola crayons. Over the years it’s kind of converged, back there, to that innocent place again. Mainly because making art can be so intimidating that you never even try. In college, I became an art major not because of inherent talent or encouragement but […]

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