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Your Place in the World

When culture does not nourish you the Soul’s food can only be gotten by standing apart away from at the edge of the forest, solitary when the sense of Belonging, that arises from kinship with the world around you, crumbles when the places and faces you find yourself in, around cannot see or hear you […]

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“We Are Here”

This week, I was prompted to share a message from Spirit in a new medium – as a recording. On a personal level, even though over the years I’ve recorded hundreds of tracks for clients, lectures, and audio books, audio often feels less smooth for me than writing, and I feel more inclined for my […]

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Interview with Awareness is Guidance

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by an online site called MysticMag. While it primarily advises users on psychic services, something I typically don’t resonate with, they also do a great service by introducing their audience to a variety of healers and healing modalities on their blog website. The questions asked were personal […]

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Waterfall Healing Remedy

Several times during this Aquarius Full Moon past weekend I found myself standing under cold water. First, in response to listening to someone recall being in a lightning storm and empathically picking up on it; suddenly I felt electricity run through my body and it was so uncomfortable that I ran to take a cold […]

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No Reason For This

stop seeking perfection; it doesn’t exist –even the perfecting of your own understanding there is no “better than this” better mother, lover, partner more successful healer, teacher, friend there is only: What feels good now to me, right now? there is nothing broken in your life nothing wrong with you, or another there is only: […]

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You Can Always Reconnect

This summer, I have been beach-reading a number of books from Gothic Romance novelist Victoria Holt, which is probably why into last night’s dream appeared a Governess (!). When she came to me, instead of dressing me in the modern fashions, as she did for the other girls also residing in this beautiful yet eerie Big House, she […]

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Forgive Yourself, Quickly

I’ve learned to forgive myself For the ways I haven’t showed up for me For the times I’ve overlooked and ignored the nagging feeling, the nausea, the disappointment For all of the times that I didn’t make the time to feel – to process, to become more aware of, to honor my feelings For all […]

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Your Golden Shadow

Friends, The Leo planets are upon us (now Venus, Mars; soon Sun). ‘Twas never a more ideal time to own your Brilliance, Beauty and Power! When I was in my early twenties, I recall watching a couple who lived across the street of my apartment. They were so beautiful, and they were clearly in so […]

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