Author: Satori

Weekend Love Forecast

[Bobby runs out, slamming the door, then comes back in] “And by the way, Mama, Alligators are ornery ’cause of their “Medula Oblongata!”
–The Waterboy

The Royal Historian Of Oz: The Astrology Of L. Frank Baum

“I hope your friends are not dignified,” observed Scraps. “Some are, and some are not,” he answered; “but I never criticize my friends. If they are really true friends, they may be anything they like, for all of me.” [the Shaggy Man]
–The Patchwork Girl, L. Frank Baum

He Got In! The Transits

“If you know what you want you got to be willing to go out and GET what you want… but you got to be willin’ to take the hits!”
–Dylan William in his Rocky voice