Author: Marina

Weekly Forecast July 23 – 30

Weekly astrological forecast for July 23 – 30, 2011. Saturday July 23 at 5:03 am the third quarter Moon at 0 Taurus will be on Mirach in the chained princess Andromeda’s girdle.

Sun opposite Ceres

Sun opposite Ceres seems to show a life of triumph over adversity. There were very slim pickings indeed for my usual orb of 1 degree 30′, I had to stretch to 4. This would suggest to get past a very tight aspect and become well known is rather all or nothing. So I will focus on the two tight ones because their life stories contain the big Ceres themes. There can be an over-idealisation of the mothering role, in extreme cases this can lead to misogyny in men. Ceres opposite the sun can be ripe for exhibiting the virgin/whore syndrome in certain men. In the case of women, the whore is projected onto another woman. There is also the danger of super-woman syndrome, the lady who can juggle family life and a successful career without a hair falling out of place. The polarity of the opposition makes the already feast or famine aspect of Ceres even more pronounced with the heat of the sun making success that can burn. Hilary Clinton (57’) is a prime example of a the woman who looks like she had it all, but Americas first lady did not want to be Mrs Bill Clinton originally, […]

Asteroid Lilith

Asteroid Lilith resonates with the Crescent moon. The maiden. She is brimming with youthful vigor. So she is the eternal teenager, the rebel. She fights for freedom and justice. She is the earthly bridge to Eris, reflecting her trouble-making, apple-throwing side. She is the shadow of Uranus. Shocking, eccentric, stirring things up. Asteroid Lilith is not the same as Black Moon Lilith which is the lunar apogee and NOT an Asteroid. Asteroid Lilith was named after Lili Boulanger a french classical composer. She was a child prodigy, her gift becoming apparent at the age of 2 years old. Her life was blighted by ill health from an early chest infection and she died at 24. So then it is very apt that Asteroid Lilith is named after this eternal youth, frozen in time, a woman who never became a mother. Asteroid Lilith is the only Lilith that exists in a physical form.  Therefore it is the only one with an actual discovery chart. It was discovered in Paris on February 11, 1927 by Benjamin Jekhowsky. To get a better feel for Asteroid Lilith we need to look at her natal chart. As we can see it’s a very dynamic, energetic chart. […]

Rupert Murdoch

Horoscope of Rupert Murdoch, natal astrology chart and transits for July 2011 phone hacking scandal. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is under the spotlight because of the phone hacking which forced him to shut down his

Psychopath Astrology

Astrological indicators of personality disorders, psychopaths, narcissists. Can we see psychotic traits in the horoscope? What is a psychopath anyway? Most people generally think this is the serial killer, pedophile, rapist or baby killer.

Sun quincunx Ceres

The creative Sun quincunx fertile Ceres yields extremely unique and talented individuals who are spurred to great heights in an attempt to rise above a less than satisfactory mothering experience. The quincunx aspect will find highly unusual ways to stimulate production. There is usually a dark opulence to their creations or a blending of very gaudy style with the very Spartan. This is also reflected in the lives of the individuals who may spend one half of their lives in utter luxury and indulgence and then completely downsize and strip-down. The yearning action of the quincunx with Ceres gives a real craving, so there is a certain urgency to this aspect, a real hunger to succeed in order to fill the great dark void within. Famous people with this aspect include gloriously handsome gay author Truman Capote (49′) was famed for writing “Breakfast at Tiffanys” and in a much darker vein, “In Cold Blood”  which was inspired by a true life massacre of a whole family. He was a lonely child, torn by divorce. Truman found solace in his obsession for story telling, writing for 3 hours everyday after school. As an adult Truman was a rampant socialite who felt at home […]


Regulus fixed star astrology – Fixed star Regulus in 2011 is positioned at 29 degrees Leo 59’, in the heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. There is a buzz about Regulus on the Internet right now due to its entrance into Virgo in 2012.

Sun trine Ceres

Sun trine natal Ceres has a similar feel to the sextile, but where the sextile has the excitement of blossoming flowers, the trine is more about lying back and gorging on their sweet, ripe fruit. The problem then is the slide of the trine into complacency and decadence, then the bigger problem is natures cruel way of having to balance the books. So Ceres in trine aspect can be a little too much of a good thing. If  also aspected dynamically Sun trine Ceres bestows great artistic creativity and sometimes musical genius. When you experience a particularly hot and halcyon summer, a normal winter will seem devastating in it’s bitterness by comparison. More evolved souls with Sun trine Ceres somehow know that their good fortune or gifts need balancing, so they impose onto themselves a “bleak winter” every now and then. These subjects will not shy away from trying to understand and help those in poverty, pain or suffering. A more materialistic Sun trine Ceres will define himself by accumulating wealth and being rather ostentatious, that is until a Pluto transit comes along and strips them of everything. Another manifestation of this aspect could be over identification with the mother […]