Author: Marina

The Royal Wedding

Synastry astrology chart for William and Kate, Royal Wedding, Marriage Horoscope. The wedding date has been set! The marriage of the royal couple is on April 29 2011, start time 11:00 am, Westminster Abbey. In this post, Jamie looks at the horoscope for the wedding ceremony and the aspects to William and Kate’s Charts, then Marina looks at the synastry between the royal couple. THE WEDDING The Sun trine Pluto is favorable indicating the power of this couple, obviously they have a magnetically attractive quality. The Moon is tightly square the Lunar Nodes so relationships between families may be a cause of tension, especially among the women. Communication in the marriage is ruled by Mercury, and this is opposite Saturn so there is some difficulty here in fully expressing what’s on their minds. An inability to be totally open and honest about their concerns could lead to arguments or periods of annoying silence. Venus is love and she is not too happy in this chart. Like Mercury, she is opposite Saturn so there may be restriction in expressing love and affection in the marriage. Venus is also square Pluto bringing the possibility of these restricted affections causing a major problem. These square and oppositions […]

The Persephone Myth Part II

Persephone the Goddess in Myth & Astrology, Ceres and Hades, Asteroid Proserpina. There are two listed Asteroids for the Queen of the Underworld. The first main belt asteroid discovered was Roman Proserpina, Asteriod 26 in 1853. Followed by the Greek Persephone, Asteroid 399, discovered in 1895. Because these names were already taken, Eris could not be named Persephone when it was discovered in 2005 despite it being the favourite. But it all worked out for the best I think, which you will see as we continue our journey through the Underworld. Now we will look at both the Greek and the Roman version of the Persephone Myth and see if there is a difference between the two. 9 The Greek Myth Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, she is also known as Kore in modern English. As Kore she is the vegetation goddess. In Greek art she is often portrayed as carrying a sheaf of grain just like the Virgin in Constellation Virgo. So you see already that Persephone symbolism can very easily become part of Ceres’s attributes. In the myth, Persephone is abducted by Hades while she is out picking flowers. A great chasm opens up in […]