Author: Beth Turnage

The Astrology of Aspects: The Dilemmas Known As Inconjuncts

Once considered a minor aspect, the energetic connection known as the inconjunct is now recognized as a powerful force in our charts. They are easy enough to find when they appear, in the next sign away, either side, to the point of opposition to another planet. An inconjunct is a stress aspect because, unlike the […]

Weekly Forecast: What Do We Do? What Do We Do?

Witty Mars in Gemini challenges stuck in the mud Saturn in Virgo to do something, ANYTHING, as long as it’s fast, and smart. Saturn in stress aspect (inconjunct) to Jupiter in Aquarius feels the pressure, but feels that things are out of hand as it is anyway. The result is a fair amount of wailing […]

August 16, 2009 ASC New Age Fair!

Mark the date! The Astrological Society of Connecticut New Age Fair will not disappoint. There will be lectures, vendors, and of course, readers of all kinds, from astrology to tarot cards. And this fair, yours truly will be among the readers. Because the readers are such popular feature, tickets to sign up for a reader […]

What’s a Blogger to Do?

Things were banging at Astrology Explored for July. I posted most days, got lots of page views and I was looking forward to the month’s wrap up so I could pat myself on the back. And what happened? The server inexplicably went dark! Nothing like blogging-interruptus to let a girl down! Last year a similar […]