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DC Horoscope: House passes Covid Relief Bill

February 27, 2021: No blogging time today, dear reader, but I want to post the Horoscope of ‘House passes Covid Relief Bill’ for future reference, if needed. MSNBC reports that the bill passed "around 2:00 am" est so the chart is set for 2:00 am est Capitol Building with financial/political/societal planet Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius as chart-ruler. And as you see, voting Mercury, planet of

US Solar Return 2021: YODs plus Karmic Progress

America July 2021 to July 2022: Career, Reputation, Illness, Home Care
by Jude Cowell
February 25, 2021: Based on a 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA horoscope, on July 4, 2021, the Sun returns to its position on July 4, 1776 @13Can19. Obviously, various founding horoscopes will give different results but this data is what I’m using for this particular Solar Return 2021 post. And as you see, using the

DC Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2021 w Jupiter Rising

Summer 2021: Karma and Tension Yet Jupiterian Optimism
by Jude Cowell
February 25, 2021: Below you see the DC Horoscope of Summer Solstice 2021 set for the moment on June 20th 11:32:23 pm edt that the Sun reaches 00Cancer00:00 in our hemisphere. As you see, the 2021 Summer Solstice Moon @9Sco26 falls into the 9th house when the chart is set for Washington DC, Sun is in the 5th house, and together

Horoscope: CPAC 2021 Orlando, Trump to speak

February 24, 2021: Last I heard, Donald Trump is to speak at this year’s CPAC in Orlando, Florida on Sunday February 28, 2021. The following horoscope is purely speculative since I have no hour for his address (of "Appeals and Grievances") so the chart is set for 8:00 pm EST. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes since I don’t care to spend further time on the blighter nor

Eclipse of the American Revolution Repeats in 2027

A Cosmic Time Link between 1775 and 2027: Will the Old System Fail?
by Jude Cowell

Dear Reader: although I realize that for many people this particular solar connection from the Revolutionary era to our day may seem unfortunate and dangerous, facing reality is always the best course! For dark monsters cannot be vanquished unless and until we turn and face them squarely in the stark, realistic

Republic of Texas 1836 Horoscope with Storm 2021

Republic of Texas in 2021: independence at what cost?
by Jude Cowell
February 19, 2021: Before annexation by the United States on February 19, 1846, the Republic of Texas was proclaimed independent from the Spanish Empire as part of Mexico on March 2, 1836 (N. Campion, p. 376) and independence was established by victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. The battle’s date was

Eclipses, Klans, Prez Bids, Despots, and Empires

February 17, 2021: In my prevous post on the 17 South Summer Solstice Eclipse of 2015, the Prenatal Eclipse (‘PE’) of Trump’s bid for the presidency, you can view the eclipse horoscope. Below, you can see it again along with one of its 17 South ‘siblings’ which perfected on December 22, 1870 @00Cap30, conjunct one of four Cardinal World Points of Manifestation, and the PE of the passsage of the

6 South Solar Eclipse October 2022: A House-Raising

This Eclipse Post Is Kind of a Valentine Card for America
by Jude Cowell
February 14, 2021: Yes, this is one those posts I’ve wished not to write. Yet here it is on Valentine’s Day 2021 for your consideration. (Apologies for the synchronicity but I’ll be under the weather due to dental work this next week so Sunday blogging it must be.) The following post is another of my ‘forewarned is forearmed

Pluto is Creeping Around ‘Nazi Rising’ Eclipse planets!

February 12, 2021: A Forewarning: Transit Pluto Can Help Activate Nazism
by Jude Cowell
In one of my previous posts you’ll see the 6 South ‘Nazis Rise’ Solar Eclipse of 1932 set for Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, the world is again threatened by the rise of such draconian movements of authoritarianism so in view of recent and ongoing events in the US and across the globe, it seems significant that

February 12, 2021: Spotlight on Trump Defense Team

February 11, 2021: Tomorrow, February 12, 2021, the Trump Defense Team of lawyers (such as they are) will present what some call a defense of Trump’s indefensible incitement of the January 6, 2021 Mob Attack upon the US Congress with its goal of stopping the vote certification which favored President Joe Biden. As you know the Trump Mob’s slogan "stop the steal" featured heavily on that day as