Author: April

Virgo Full Moon: Meaningful Habits

Where in your life do you encounter drudgery, the feeling you’re “just going through the motions”? These situations, if approached with intention rather than a sense of distasteful obligation, present the greatest avenue for your spiritual growth right now.

Episode 70 | Virgo Full Moon: The Future is Now!

April and Jen sashay into a Virgo Full Moon week, which includes a powerful Mars trine to Pluto, Venus entering a-musing Pisces, a chance to be noticed for your unique qualities as Venus sextiles Uranus, and Jupiter propelling us toward North Node goals. And, a meditation on the ways that Virgo’s here-and-now habits help co-create the future.

Highlights for Feb. 22-28, 2021: The Future is Now

Our dreams tend to be built to code, fashioned on what we’ve experienced and observed as possible. But as Jupiter trines the North Node, forget what’s possible – let your mind off its leash, and see if it can imagine an impossible and captivating future.

Episode 69 | Saturn and Uranus: That Escalated Quickly!

April and Jen fasten their seatbelts for the first of three squares between rule-making Saturn and rule-breaking Uranus! Yes, there is a tense, unpredictable atmosphere this week, especially with Venus and Mars clashing and a tip-toeing Gemini First Quarter Moon urging caution. But all is not lost: The Sun enters take-it-easy Pisces, and Mercury turns direct, leaving his retrograde hijinks (mostly) behind – hooray! Also, what’s the deal with solar houses?

Saturn square Uranus: Retrofitting

Throughout 2021, the world is trying to find a balance that respects where we’ve been and what we’ve built, while also moving forward in ways that promises a better future. And each of us will be looking for that sweet spot, as well.

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Episode 68 | A Pointy, Peaky, Aquarius New Moon

A VERY Aquarius New Moon with six planets in the sign of the water bearer, Mercury retrograde revisiting recent territory, a romantic Valentine’s Day, and Mars motivating our Neptunian dreams. Plus: synastry, David Bowie, pointy bits, and Valentine’s Day!

Aquarius New Moon: The Unexpected Guest

In the empty, hopeful darkness of the Aquarius New Moon, take a few quiet moments by yourself to invite an unexpected guest into your imagination. What is its shape, its message? And what can you take from this encounter that will make your life – and your world – a little bit better?